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How are you going to market your career opportunities this year to the most talented, on the go women in the workforce? 

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For Marketing Your Career Opportunities to Women in 2018.
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What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: How To Reach Busy, Working Women
Learn where busy, working women spend their time online (hint: it's NOT LinkedIn!), and how to reach out to them. 
Secret #2: What Women Really Want At Work
Learn what really matters at work to the most talented working women (hint: it's NOT your ping-pong table!)
Secret #3: How To Market Your Career Opportunities to Woman
Learn how to position and brand your company to talented women (hint: it's NOT with job boards)
Kathryn Brown
Founder and CEO, ScoutSavvy
About The Speaker:
Kathryn Brown is an expert on women at work as the founder and CEO of ScoutSavvy. She has worked as an early employee in digital strategy, software development, and digital marketing at many venture-backed, fast growing tech startups in New York, Portland, Boulder, and Chicago where she worked with clients like Nike, Amazon, and Sony. She has a degree in Women's Studies with a focus on Corporate Philanthropy. 

Kathryn will teach you proven tactics for recruiting women to improve gender diversity at work.
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